The Best Things about Traveling with Babies

There is a rather false story going around, in fact it has been going around for quite some time, and that is the story that as soon as you become pregnant and give birth to a baby, your traveling days are over. Finished. Finito.


Traveling with a baby is a wonderful experience, and there are some serious advantages to be had from this too. Personally, I found my travel experiences enhanced ten-fold after having children, and the chance to share the experience with them, watch them grow, and see sights with wonder in their eyes is a fantastic thing. Of course, whilst your children are babies, travel is actually considerably easier, and this is why I love traveling with a baby in tow.

Travel with baby

Here’s why.

You can basically do what you want

Babies sleep a lot, let’s face it, you can practically do what you want, within reason. If I want to walk around a museum, I can; if I want to go shopping, I can; if I want to go to that outdoor park with the many activities on offer to help me chill out, I can. Unless your little one wakes up and needs feeding, you are free to enjoy your adult travel experiences, such as shopping and sightseeing, aside from playgrounds.

Strollers make life simple

Invest in a lightweight stroller and you will find that getting around is as easy as A,B,C. In my experience, you simply load up your baby bag with everything you need, hang it over the handles of the stroller, and you’re away, no hassle at all!

Babies literally aren’t that fussy

A little in line with our first point, but when your baby gets a little older, you will find that simply walking past a playground without going in it is quite the chore – at this age however, no problem whatsoever! A baby doesn’t care whether he or she is in a museum, a restaurant, a playground, or standing in front of one of the Wonders of the World, quite frankly they just want to sleep and eat, which frees you up to enjoy what you want. I loved traveling with my baby at this age, simply because the hassle was minimal.

It’s actually quite cost-effective

Babies are usually free in hotel rooms, and in terms of flights, they’re either very cheap or free. I found this cut the cost of travel down considerably, so you can’t use the cost as an excuse not to go!

You don’t need to find a restaurant to feed them, you simply need your boob

At the risk of stating the obvious, one of the best perks of all I found was that I didn’t have to find a restaurant that served something suitable, I could simply continue my day knowing everything my baby needed was right there on hand, literally!

The photo opportunities are amazing

I have so many photos which I cherish of traveling with my baby. When she is older she can look back on the places she visited, without even knowing, and these photos will make up the scrapbook of her life. Make sure you click, click, click with that camera phone – you will be glad you did, trust me.

As you can see, the perks of traveling with your baby are fantastic, and that totally throws into the water the nay-sayers who discount baby travel, and who claim that your travel life is over once you have children. Rubbish! Your travel life continues on as it has been in the past, and in my experience, it just gets better.

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