The Pros and Cons of Pop Up Cots

When it comes to traveling with our babies, we can never do enough to ensure their comfort and safety. Fortunately, there are a lot of gadgets and accessories that help keep baby happy and most importantly help keep mom and dad sane when going on a trip with the little one.

Pop up travel cots like the KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed do just that. They are portable and easy to assemble beds that literally “pop-up” and are ready for use when taken out of their travel bags.

KidCo Peapod

Pop up cots are twistable, foldable sleeping mats that resemble a tent when opened. They come in a variety of colors and cute designs and are usually made of lightweight fabric and material. They also come with an inner mattress or soft lining and are most often dome shaped with soft mesh netting to protect sleeping babies from pesky insects and bugs.


Pop up cots are more than just a baby bed in a bag. They provide a comfortable space for sleeping and give your baby a familiar environment for rest, an important consideration especially when traveling far from home or for extended periods of time.

Most pop ups have built-in mesh nets that allow air to circulate freely and at the same time also protect your little one from insect bites, creepy crawlies or debris. Some brands, like the KidCo Peapod, have value added features like being fire retardant and having UV protection to shield your little one from the harmful effects of the sun.

Pop ups are extremely light weight, ridiculously easy to assemble and pack away and once in their carrying bags are easy to carry around or even fit in your carry-on luggage. They are also very affordable and cost far less than pricey travel cribs or bulky play yards.


Because they are designed to be lightweight, foldable and easy to assemble, pop up cuts can literally instantly pop-out when taken out of their bags. Use a little precaution when unfolding to avoid any mishaps (although this can easily be remedied with enough practice in taking them out of their carrying case).

They also easily collapse and are thus not suitable for toddlers who can be a little rambunctious in their play. Parental supervision must be observed at all times when your babies are using the cot for playtime.

Most parents also use additional separate sheets or bedding inside their pop up cots, and just like using your crib at home, always ensure that safe sleeping guidelines are observed when using your pop up cot.

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Traveling with babies can be stressful not just for mom and dad but for baby as well. Keeping baby comfortably well rested goes a long way towards having a happy traveling baby. Being away from home can be quite stressful especially for very young infants. Having a familiar environment to rest or play in can be a source of great comfort for little ones who find themselves in strange and unfamiliar surroundings.

Pop up cots are able to do just that. They are useful, convenient and very affordable travel accessories. They give babies a familiar space to rest or play when traveling and provide parents with a safe and comfortable cot to put baby in, allowing them also to get much needed hands free time to rest travel weary arms and shoulders.

Pop up cots come in handy whether you’re staying in a hotel when traveling across the country, spending the night with the grannies or even just a quick picnic to your neighborhood park. Having one in your arsenal of baby gadgets and accessories can help make traveling with the little one a whole lot of fun.

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