Parentlab JourneyBee
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  • Portability
  • Comfort
  • Age Range
  • Safety


Pros: One of the easiest travel cribs to set up. It's lightweight and folds easily in to the carry bag. Includes a mattress and sheet.
Cons: Once folded the crib is bulky and can not be used as carry on. It is an unusual shape that may or may not appeal to you.

I have seen some great products from Parentlab recently and the JourneyBee travel crib reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. After checking the JourneyBee Portable out for myself I can see why.

What really makes this crib stand out is the sturdiness of the design, it requires almost no assembly and just how big it is when opened, something rarely seen in portables.

The JourneyBee Portable crib is best for…

… on the road travel and car trips. The JourneyBee is incredibly simple and easy to use, its lightweight however, when folded it is a bulky shape. It is therefore most suitable for car trips, and it can slide easily into most car trunks.

When traveling with kids the simplicity of the JourneyBee is very welcomed. You can see it is action here:

Ease of Use: 5/5

Possibly one the easiest traveling crib and definitely easier than the Graco Pack N Play, the JourneyBee practically assembles itself by almost popping out of the carry bag. The setup process takes less than 30 seconds. Likewise, it folds easily and is placed straight back in the bag.

Portability: 3/5

The JourneyBee is light enough at 12 pounds, folds practically flat and the carry back with shoulder straps make it easy to carry around. Having said that, it is still quite large, and can not be used as carry on luggage and will usually need to be checked in as oversized. For this reason I recommend it for shorter car trips.

Comfort: 4/5

As the JourneyBee folds down so thinly one would imagine it is flimsy. This is not the case and it is actually very stable and comfortable. This is made better by the fact that it also includes a mattress and sheet.

The crib is also extremely spacious at 42” x 59.5” when unfolded, and even though it is one of the biggest travel cribs, it is also one of the most lightweight.

Age range 5/5

Rather than an age range there is a height limit of 35 inches. The basic guide it 0-3 years, however it is so large you could easily extend this range for most children. Some JourneyBee portable crib reviews have stated that their 5 year old could fit! Although I would not go this far you can count on it lasting for a while.

Safety: 5/5

In regards to safety, the first thing to note is that the JourneyBee is thin. You would be forgiven for thinking this would impact safety but actually it responds incredibly well to stress put on it and bounces back into place. The mesh screen helps keep watch and makes it breathable too. The mattress is firm and at 25” height, it’s secure.

Other features and specifications

The fabrics are both waterproof and washable making clean up very simple. There is also a pocket to place an iPhone for music/lullaby’s. There is also other storage pockets on the crib. It comes in a range of different colors.


The only real con of the JourneyBee is that it is bulky. Although weight is not an issue the bulkiness prevents it from being suitable options for use on flights/public transport.

The design is also slightly odd, with the bottom being wider than the top. This is not an issue however some people may prefer a conventional crib design.

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Summary: 4.5/5

The JourneyBee is a great option for road trips, beach and sleepovers. It folds almost flat and can be stored under your bed out of sight until you need it. If you frequently spend nights away from home, the Parentlab JourneyBee is definitely my recommendation.

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