Should you Buy a Travel Crib or a Toddler Travel Bed?

If you have a baby or older kids, whether to buy a travel crib or a toddler travel bed may be a straight forward question to answer.  For people with toddlers which style of bed is right for you can be a more difficult question to answer.  The following is the guide I use to decide which style of travel bed to buy…

How old is your child?

Less than two years old

Generally, if your child is less than two, a travel crib is recommended.  This is the safer option for your child.  It will keep them contained in a safe sleeping environment that is designed especially for this age group.  A great travel crib recommended from birth is the Baby Bjorn pictured below

Two years old

If your child is two years old or nearly two years old, then choosing between a travel crib or toddler travel bed can be difficult.  My general recommendation would be that if your child is still in a crib at home, then buy a travel crib.  If they are used to sleeping in a toddler bed or a single bed, then buy a toddler travel bed.  If they are big for their age and still need a travel crib, then one of the roomier ones, such as the KidCo Peapod or the Lotus Travel Crib could be the best choice.

Older than two years old

The best option for this age group is a toddler travel bed.  These will generally suit your child until they are around six years of age and are very versatile and easy to travel with.  In the case of the Leachco BumpZZZ, it can also be folded over to make a cushioned seat for your child.


If your child is in this age group, but is not ready to be in a travel bed and needs to be contained, the KidCo Peapod could be a good choice.  It is suitable from 1 to 5 years old, and is like a small tent which is fully enclosed.  It is also very portable.

In summary, the best thing to do is to do what you do at home – if your child needs a crib at home, then buy a travel crib.  If your child sleeps in a regular bed or a toddler bed, then buy a toddler travel bed.

Check out our buying guide here.

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